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I'm Jeeni Criscenzo, the author of a novel about the ancient Maya, Place of Mirrors. Many of the people who have read my book have asked me how they can learn more about the Maya. Some readers have said that they would have enjoyed my book more if they had a map of the places I described and a glossary of the Maya words used in the story. Since Place of Mirrors is based on actual historical people and events, some readers want to know which characters are real or fictional.
I spent many years researching before I wrote this novel, and continue keeping abreast of new developments in the study of the ancient Maya. Archaeologists continue to uncover new sites and epigraphers cooperate to advance the decipherment of the once mysterious Maya glyphs. These are exciting times for those interested in the Maya — both amateurs and scholars.
Every day, new people are getting caught up in this fascinating study. The fact that, in only twelve years, the great cycle of the Maya calendar will be completed, has piqued the curiosity of many.
I hope Jaguar Sun provides you with a basic introduction to the ancient and present day Maya culture and information to help in your understanding and appreciation of Place of Mirrors. If you are looking for more information, be sure to check the Resources section. I'll be adding to this site as time permits.
I enjoy receiving e-mail from students, teachers and others. When time permits, I try to respond to each of you. I welcome your input and feedback. If there is something you would like to see here, or a question you might have, please send me an e-mail at

Enjoy your journey through Jaguar Sun!

I am not an archeologist and my knowledge of this subject has been acquired by reading books, visiting ancient Maya sites and attending lectures and meetings at various universities as an amateur/enthusiast. In the "real" world, I am running for US Congress for California's 49th District.



Frequently I'm asked, "Which is the correct word: Mayan or Maya?" Generally the word Maya is used as both the noun and adjective to describe the people and their culture. The word Mayan is used to describe their language. For example: The Mayan language is spoken by the Maya or You will find explanations of the Maya calendar and Maya glyphs on this Web site as well as photos of present day Maya.

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