Journey back to a time when gods spoke with men and one of the world's greatest civilizations flourished. This is Place of Mirrors – a place where people look at life, and their place in it, from a very different perspective. Yet, there is something of ourselves to be found in this place. Even as the tiniest atom is a reflection of the solar system, which is a reflection of the universe, so we are all mirror images of one another. Come look into the Place of Mirrors, and you might see your own reflection.

Christina Rossi knew almost nothing about the ancient Maya. Then one day something happened that would make learning about this little-known civilizayion an obsession. She traveled through Mexico in search of the reason behind the dreams that were haunting her…
Christina would discover that reason in Palenque, in a vision that recalled, in riveting detail, a life lived 1300 years ago!
When she returned from Mexico, she knew she would have to share what she had learned. Here, then, is her story...

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Place of Mirrors is an historical novel about the ancient Maya that is based on solid research. Much of the rationale for this story can be found throughout this Web site. There is another aspect to this novel that intrigues some people and makes other people uncomfortable. My interest in the Maya began with a past-life regression. The novel is loosely based on that experience. Neither the Maya nor reincarnation were of much interest to me back in 1987 when I casually accepted an impromptu offer to be regressed. You don't have to believe in reincarnation to enjoy this story–you will learn a lot of interesting things about the Maya and experience an adventure unlike anything you've ever read before!
–Jeeni Criscenzo
Place of Mirrors
by Jeeni Criscenzo
$21.95, Hardcover, July 1996
©Copyright 1997-2000 Jeeni Criscenzo