I read a lot of books about the Maya while I was writing "Place of Mirrors". Some proved to be fascinating resources that I referred to over and over again in my efforts to make the story as authentic as possible. It was my good fortune to be doing this research at a time when great advances were being made in the decipherment of the Maya glyphs and this contributed to a wealth of new insights on their ancient civilization.
Listed below are the books I used in my research, plus some newer books that I have enjoyed reading. If you can recommend a book about the Maya that you would like to add to this list, please let me know by email. My favorite way to study history is to read a good historical novel. You have an opportunity that wasn't available to me--you can read my novel, "Place of Mirrors". Click here to order the book from Amazon.com.

Any of the books listed below in red can be ordered online from Amazon.com by clicking on the title. The prices shown are the prices offered by Amazon.com, which in most cases are discounted. Commissions on all book sales from Jaguar-Sun.com go to Hope Rural School.

Place of Mirrors
by Jeeni Criscenzo
$21.95, Hardcover, July 1996
A Place Called Chiapas
by Samuel Ruiz Garcia
$29.95, VHS (Spanish with English Subtitles)
The Living Maya : The Mopan and Q´eqchi´ of the Toledo District, Belize - Central America (PC - CD-ROM)
by Anne-Michelle Marsden
$29.95, CD-ROM, July 2001
Our Word is Our Weapon: Selected Writings of Subcomandante Marcos
by Juana Ponce De Leon (Editor)
$22.36, Hardcover
A Mayan Life
by Gaspar Pedro Gonzalez
$9.95, Paperback,
Homage to Chiapas: The New Indigenous Strugles in Mexico
by Bill Weinberg
$29.00, Hardcover, September 2000
Sacred Monkey River: A Canoe Trip with the Gods
by Christopher Shaw
$21.56, Hardcover, August 2000
Conflict in Chiapas: Understanding the Modern Mayan World
by Worth H. Weller, Ben Weller (Photographer), Julia Weller (Photographer)
$16.95, Paperback, March 1, 2000
Rebellion in Chiapas : An Historical Reader
by John Womack (Editor)
$14.36, Paperback , March 1999
Crazy February Death and Life in the Mayan Highlands
by Carter Wilson
$15.95, Paperback , April 1974
Rebels of Highland Guatemala : The Quiche-Mayas of Momostenango
by Robert M. Carmack
$39.95, Hardcover , December 1995
Rigoberta: LA Nieta De Los Mayas
by Rigoberta Menchu
$9.56, Paperback , January 1998
I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala
by Rigoberta Menchu
$14.40, Paperback , August 1987
Fear As a Way of Life : Mayan Widows in Rural Guatemala
by Linda Green
$17.50, Paperback, August 1999
Long Life, Honey in the Heart: A Story of Initiation and Eloquence from the Shores of a Mayan Lake
by Martin Prechtel
$18.17, Hardcover, October 1999
Violent Memories : Mayan War Widows in Guatemala
by Judith N. Zur
$75.00, Hardcover, February 1998
The Heart of the Sky : Travels Among the Maya
by Peter Canby, Philip Turner (Editor)
$10.40, Paperback, June 1994
Breath on the Mirror : Mythic Voices & Visions of the Living Maya
by Dennis Tedlock
$14.95, Paperback, September 1997
Time and the Highland Maya
by Barbara Tedlock
$12.76, Paperback, April 1992
Unfinished Conquest : The Guatemalan Tragedy
by Victor Perera, Daniel Chauche (Photographer)
$19.95, Paperback, October 1995
The Modern Maya : A Culture in Transition
by MacDuff Everton
$42.50, Paperback, March 1991
Voices from Exile : Violence and Survival in Modern Maya History
by Victor Montejo
$18.17, Hardcover, October 1999
The Last Lords of Palenque, The Lacandon Maya of the Mexican Rainforest
by Victor Perea, Robert D. Bruce
$15.95, Paperback, April 1986
Maya in Exile : Guatemalans in Florida
by Allan F. Burns
$22.95, Paperback, August 1993
The Maya Textile Tradition
by Jeffrey J. Foxx, Margot Blum Schevill (Editor), Linda asturias Barrios, Linda Asturias De Barrios, Robert S. Carlsen
$34.65, Hardcover - 232 , April 1997
Living Maya
by Walter F., Jr. Morris, Jeffrey Jay Foxx (Photographer)
$19.96, Paperback, May 2000
Threads of Identity: Maya Costume of the 1960s in Highland Guatemala
by Patricia Altman, Caroline West
$35.00, Hardcover, September 2001
The Sport of Life and Death: The Mesoamaerican Ballgame
by Michael Whittington
$11.96, Paperback, April 1999
Heart of Heaven, Heart of Earth and Other Mayan Folktales
by James D. Sexton (Editor), Ignacio Bizarro Ujpan
$11.96, Paperback, April 1999
Popol Vuh : The Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life
by Dennis Tedlock (Translator)
$12.00, Paperback, January 1996
Popol Vuh : The Sacred Book of the Ancient Quiche Maya
by Adrian Recinos, Delia Goetz (Translator), Sylvanus G. Morley (Translator), Delia Morley (Contributor)
$11.96, Paperback, September 1991
The Book Of Chilam Balam of Chumayel (In Yucatec Mayan)
by G. B. Gordon (Designer)
$28.80, Paperback, June 1992
The Book of Chumayel: The Counsel Book of the Yucatec Maya 1539-1638
by Richard N. Luxton
$38.80, Paperback, October 15, 1996
The Maya's Own Words : An Anthology
by Thomas Ballantne Irving
$16.50, Paperback, April 1986
Aztec and Maya Myths (Legendary Past)
by Karl Taube
$10.36, Paperback, January 1994
An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya
by Mary Miller, Karl Taube (Contributor)
$13.56, Paperback, April 1997
The Major Gods of Ancient Yucatan (Studies in Pre-Columbian Art & Archaeology, No 32)
by Karl Andreas Taube
$18.00, Paperback, June 1992
The Art of the Maya Scribe
by Michael D. Coe, Justin Kerr
$52.50, Hardcover , March 1998
Breaking the Maya Code
by Michael D. Coe
$15.16, Paperback, October 1, 1999
Commentary on the Dresden Codex (Mayan Studies Series No 1)
by Ernst Forstemann, Selma Wesselhoeft (Translator), A.M. Parker
$26.80, Paperback, May 1992
The Paris Codex : Handbook for a Maya Priest
by Bruce Love
$37.50, Hardcover, March 1994
Papers on the Madrid Codex (Publication 64)
by Victoria Reifler Bricker (Editor), Gabrielle Vail
$42.00, Hardcover, April 1998
Mesoamerica's Ancient Cities
by William M. Ferguson and Richard E. W. Adams
$27.47, Paperback, December 2001
The Code of Kings : The Language of Seven Sacred Maya Temples and Tombs
by Linda Schele, Peter Mathews, Justin Kerr (Photographer), MacDuff Everton
$28.00, Hardcover, March 1998
Hidden Maya
by Martin Brennan
$16.00, Paperback, June 1998
Painting the Maya Universe : Royal Ceramics of the Classic Period
by Dorie Reents-Budet, Linda Schele, Michael P. Fezzatesta (Contributor)
$35.96, Paperback, February 1994
A Forest of Kings : The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya
by Linda Schele, David Freidel (Contributor)
$14.36, Paperback, January 1992
The Blood of Kings : Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art
by Linda Schele, Mary Ellen Miller, Justin Kerr (Photographer)
$28.00, Paperback, May 1992
The Ancient Maya
by Robert J. Sharer
$23.96, Paperback, September 1994
Scribes, Warriors and Kings: The City of Copan and the Ancient Maya
by William L. Fash
Paperback, May 1993, 0500277087
Hidden Faces of the Maya
by Linda Schele, Jorge Perez De Lara (Photographer), Roman Pina Chan, Perez De
$49.95, Hardcover, April 1998
Daily Life in Maya Civilization
by Robert J. Sharer
$45.00, Hardcover, September 1996
by Peter Schmidt (Editor), Enrique Nalda (Editor), Mercedes De LA Garza, Orefici
$59.50, Hardcove, November 1998
At the Edge of the World: Caves and Late Classic Maya World View
by Karen Bassie-Sweet
$34.95, Hardcover, April 1996
The Managed Mosaic : Ancient Maya Agriculture and Resource Use
by Scott L. Fedick (Editor)
$60.00, Hardcover, December 1996
The Maya (Ancient Peoples and Places)
by Michael D. Coe
$15.16, Paperback, February 1999
The Maya : Life, Myth, and Art
by Timothy Laughton
$19.25, Hardcover, September 1998
The Maya : Sacred Symbols (Sacred Symbols Series)
by Robert Adkinson (Editor)
$7.00, Hardcover, May 1996
Yaxchilan: The Design of a Maya Ceremonial City
by Carolyn Elaine Tate
$45.00, Hardcover, April 1992
The Lords of Tikal: Rulers of an Ancient Maya City
by Peter Harrison, Colin Renfrew, Jeremy A. Sabloff
$42.00, Hardcover, July 1, 1999
Rio Azul : An Ancient Maya City
by Richard E. W. Adams
$24.47, Hardcover, April 1999
Maya Art and Architecture (World of Art)
by Mary Ellen Miller
$11.96, Paperback, November 1999
Lost Cities of the Maya (Discoveries Series)
by Claude Baudez, Sydney Picasso (Contributor)
$10.36, Paperback, April 1992
The Lost Cities of the Mayas : The Life, Art, and Discoveries of Frederick Catherwood
by Fabio Bourbon
$24.50, Hardcover , March 2000
The World of the Ancient Maya
by John S. Henderson
$24.95, Paperback, December 1997
Astronomy and the Maya Calendar Correlation (Mayan Studies Series , No 5)
by Paul D. Campbell
$30.80, Paperback, December 1992
Star Gods of the Maya : Astronomy in Art, Folklore, and Calendars
by Susan Milbrath
$24.95, Paperback, January 2000
Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico
Anthony F. Aveni
$22.00, Paperback, September 1983
Echoes of the Ancient Skies: Astronomy of Lost Civilizations
Edwin C. Krupp
$19.95, Paperback, July 1994
More Maya Missions, Exploring Colonial Chiapas
by Richard D. Perry
$12.95, Paperback, Janaury 1995
The People's Guide to Mexico
by Carl Franz, Lorena Havens (Editor), Steve Rogers (Editor)
$18.36, Paperback, September 1998
Moon Handbooks: Archaeological Mexico
by Andrew Coe
$15.96, Paperback, October 1998
An Archaeological Guide to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula
by Joyce Kelly, Jerry Kelly (Photographer)
$18.36, Paperback, October 1993
An Archaeological Guide to Northern Central America : Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador
by Joyce Kelly, Jerry Kelly (Photographer)
$18.36, Paperback, October 1996
The Yucatan : A Guide to the Land of Maya Mysteries Plus Sacred Sites at Belize, Tikal & Copan
by Antoinette May
$8.76, Paperback, March 1993
Lonely Planet Guatemala, Belize & Yucatan LA Ruta Maya (3rd Ed)
by Tom Brosnahan, Nancy Keller
$15.96, Paperback, November 1997
Lonely Planet Mexico (6th Ed)
by John Noble, Tom Brosnahan, Scott Doggett, Susan Forsyth, James Lyon
$15.96, Paperback, April 1998
Fodor's Belize and Guatemala (Fodor's Belize & Guatemala)
by Fodor's
$10.80, Paperback, November 1998
Knopf Guide the Route of the Mayas
by Knopf Guides)
$22.00, Paperback, May 1995
Time Among the Maya : Travels in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico
by Ronald Wright
$12.76, Paperback, April 1991
Incidents of Travel in Yucatan
by John Lloyd Stephens, Karl Ackerman (Editor), Frederick Catherwood
$13.56, Paperback, May 1996
Yucatan Before and After the Conquest
by Diego De, Bp., Landa, William Gates (Editor), Diego De Landa (Editor)
$6.36, Paperback, June 1978
Indian Givers
by Jack Weatherford
$9.00, Paperback, January 1990
Stolen Continents
by Ronald Wright
$12.80, Paperback, February 1993
The Bird Who Cleans the World : And Other Mayan Fables
by Victor Montejo (Editor), Wallace Kaufman (Translator)
$11.16, Paperback, Reading level: Ages 9-12, November 1992
The Boy Who Wouldn't Obey : A Mayan Legend
by Anne F. Rockwell (Illustrator)
$12.76, Paperback, Reading level: Ages 4-8, April 4, 2000
Journey of the Nightly Jaguar: Inspired by an Ancient Mayan Myth
by Burton Albert, Robert Roth (Illustrator)
$16.00, Library Binding, Reading level: Ages 4-8, April 1996
Mario's Mayan Journey
by Michelle McCunney
$4.95, Paperback, Reading level: Ages 4-8, September 1997
Mayan Folktales : Folklore from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
by James D. Sexton (Translator)
$11.96, Paperback, Reading level: Ages 9-12, March 1999
The Bravest Flute: A Story of Courage in the Mayan Tradition
by Ann Grifalconi, Grifalaconi Ann
$15.95, Hardcover, Reading level: Ages 4-8, October 1994
The Ancient Maya (Cultures of the Past)
by Irene Flum Galvin, R.C. Stein
$28.50, Library Binding, Reading level: Ages 9-12, March 1996
The Captive
by Scott O'Dell, Scott C'Dell
$11.20, Hardcover, Reading level: Young Adult , November 1979
The Story of Colors/La Historia de los Colores: A Bilingual Folktale from the Jungles of Chiapas
by Subcomandante Marcos, Anne Bar Din (Translator), Domitilia Dominguez (Illustrator)
$15.95, Hardcover, Reading level: Ages 4-8, March 1999
The Hummingbird King : A Guatemalan Legend
by Argentina Palacios, Felipe Davalos (Illustrator)
$3.96, Paperback, Reading level: Ages 9-12, April 1993
Technology in the Time of the Maya
by Judith Crosher
$25.69, Library Binding, Reading level: Ages 9-12, February 1998
Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Maya
by Leonard Everett Fisher (Illustrator)
$11.87, Library Binding, Reading level: Ages 9-12, October 1999
Heart of a Jaguar
by Marc Talbert, Felipe Davalos (Illustrator), Marc Talberl .
$3.99, Paperback, Reading level: Young Adult , May 1997
The Magnificent Maya (Lost Civilizations) Time-Life Books
by Dale M. Brown (Editor)
$20.97, Hardcover, Reading level: Ages 9-12, January 1998
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