On December 22, 1997, 45 unarmed Maya people, mostly women and children, were gunned down with automatic weapons by a group of 50 to 60 "paramilitary" thugs in the village of Acteal. The situation in Chiapas is tragic and complex - do not be fooled by attempts to confuse the issue by calling this a "family feud". This is not a conflict between various Maya villages. Since the massacre, the Mexican army has been building up troops in Chiapas. Their explanation is that they are there to protect the Indians. But after reading the reports listed here, you will know differently.

I have been unable to maintain this website for many years. For more recent information on the situation in Chiapas, please visit the official website of the Zapatista at http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx

Maya Death in Chiapas, A Poem
What Is Happening In Chiapas?
3/25/01 K.Appel on Denial of right of communication for indigenous
3/26/01 Marcos to Madame Civil Society
3/23/01 Zapatistas to appear before Mexican Congress
3/22/01 Translation of Fox' statement
3/22/01 EZLN communique:postponing departure to speak in Congress
3/22/01 EZLN words at San La'zaro
3/18/01 Words of Durito/Marcos
3/21/01 EZLN communique responding to Fox statement
3/21/01 Words of the EZLN at UNAM
3/19/01 EZLN Communique:We are Leaving
3/19/01 EZLN communique re:appearance at UNAM
3/18/01 EZLN words to the ENAH
3/13/01 EZLN statement on press conference
3/12/01 Father Joel on the Caravan
3/11/01 EZLN words in the Zocalo
3/9/01 EZLN words in Milpa Alta
3/8/01 Words of Commandante Ester at Milpa Alta
3/7/01 EZLN words from Iguala, Guerrero
3/7/01 EZLN words from Cuautla, Morelos
3/6/01 2nd of 7 messages to Mexico City
3/6/01 EZLN words in Cuernavaca,Morelos
3/6/01 Declaration of the 3rd CNI
3/5/01 EZLN words in Temoaya
3/5/01 Marcos speech, Toluca
3/4/01 EZLN words: a reunion and a tomorrow
3/3/01 EZLN words to the CNI
2/17/01 Puebla-Panama Trojan Horse against EZLN
2/28/01 EZLN Confirms Contact With Legislators
3/1/01 EZLN communique concerning road accident
2/25/01 EZLN communique on indigenous language
2/26/01 A death threat and a request for accompaniament
2/25/01 Mexico: Waiting for the Land
2/25/01 EZLN communique re:safe passage
2/25/01 Three articles about the historic Zapatista Caravan to Mexico City
2/24/01 EZLN communique:the march for indigenous dignity begins
2/20/01 Urgent communique from the EZLN on Red Cross
2/22/01 EZLN,For Zapatista Children
2/16/01 Marcos on the Zapatista march
2/15/01 Letter campaign to Bush and Legislators re conditions in Chiapas
2/15/01 Death threats,unprovoked attacks and army movements
2/14/01 Bearing Witness: A Return to Mexico
2/6/01 Lacandones under threat
1/7/01 EZLN: 2 communiques re: Mexico City trip
1/1/01 Communique' from the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee
1/1/01 EZLN communiques: regarding mobilization
12/30/00 Chiapas governor releases Zapatista rebels in Mexico
12/26/00 Rebels Hail Chiapas Base Closing
12/25/00 Mexico lifts restrictions on foreigners
12/22/00 Zapatista communique
12/25/00 Vicente Fox's Government Allows San Diego Teacher to Return
12/22/00 Chiapas peace awaits fundamental change
12/8/00 Inaugural Speech of Pablo Salazar Mendichuchia as Governor of the State of Chiapas - 12/8/00
12/1/00 New Mexican president pledges change
12/1/00 Mexico Begins Chiapas Withdrawal
11/21/00 Local non-aggression pact signed in Chenalho, Chiapas
11/16/00 A critical time for Chiapas
11/5/00 Urgent Action
11/4/00 Renewed Paramilitary Belligerence
10/28/00 Displaced in Yiveljoj and Los Chorros Fear Attack
10/27/00 Mexico's Fox Lists Priorities for First 100 days
10/26/00 It Was a Paramilitary Group Which Attacked Campesinos in Chiapas Municipality
10/4/00 505 Years of Resistance - A Poem
10/3/00 Can Chiapas Change?
10/2/00 Protest of Campaign of Violence Against Coffee Cooperative Mut Vitz
10/1/00 From Las Abejas Civil Society
9/10/00 From Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro Polho
8/22/00 Interview with Pablo Salazar
8/21/00 Chiapas Election Analysis
8/20/00 Salazar Wins!!!
8/7/00 Paramilitary Attack in Yajalon, Chiapas
8/6/00 Self-Inflicted Attack on PRI Candidate
8/5/00 Paramilitary Group Claims Responsibility for Attack
7/26/00 Denouncing Attacks on Petalcingo
7/15/00 Political Reprisals Against Union Progresso
7/13/00 Imprisioned Zapatistas Resist with Hunger Strike
7/10/00 Incidents in Union Progresso
7/8/00 Rebuttal Re: Zedillo's Record
7/1/00 Solidarity With Chiapas
6/30/00 Military Control Continuing in Chiapas
6/30/00 Statement from Zapatistas Online Group
6/29/00 Army Occupies Emiliano Zapata School
6/20/00 Bishop Ruiz calls for new meetings on Chiapas
6/24/00 Grain Emergency in Chiapas
6/19/00 Communique from the Zapatista Army of National Liberation
6/12/00 History of the Real Destruction of the Selva Lacandona
6/18/00 Army Has Patrolled Las Limas, Unio'n Progreso and Los Angeles
6/17/00 Inhabitants of El Boseque and Simojovel Flee to the Mountains
6/15/00 Same Paramilitary Group May Be Responsible for Both Slaughters
6/13/00 Marco Speaks About Attack in El Bosque
6/8/00 FZLN Call for National Front
6/2/00 Witness for Peace - Chiapas
6/1/00 Montes Azules: Ethnic war wearing a green sheepskin
6/1/00 Schools for Chiapas - Letter from Peter Brown
5/20/00 Teotihuacan del Valle Community, Chiapas, Document of Denunciation
4/5/00 Teotihuacan Motozintla, Chiapas
4/1/00 Juanita's Chiapas Journal
1/6/00 New Wave of Harrassment Against Foreigners
12/30/99 Comunique of Pastoral Agents
3/24/99 New Mexican appointee in Washington tied to paramilitary massacre
1/31/98 More Deaths
1/21/98 Letter From an Observer
1/16/98 Report on Chiapas by the Human Bean Company,
by Kerry Appel, Director
12/17/97 Report from the National Coalition for Democracy in Mexico
What Is The Reason For This Situation?
Some Personal Observations on the Reasons Behind the Events in Chiapas
by Jeeni Criscenzo
6/10/00 Natural Resources and Strategic Interests Against the San Andre's Accords
Analysis & History of Chiapas Situation
Nuevo Amanecer Press
Letter to the Economist
by John Warnock
The Financial Connection
National Commission for Democracy in Mexico
Global Outrage Against "The Globalizers of Misery"
SOA - The "School of Assassins"
- Your Taxes Pay For It!
1/1/01 School of Americas closed--it's replacement ready
11/19/00 1,700 Arrested at Soldier School
7/14/00 New name for SOA
Support Senator Joseph Kennedy's Effort to Close the SOA
1/15/98 Major Blair's Letter to Clinton concerning the SOA Protesters
1/20/98 28 SOA Protesters Go Before Hangin' Judge
If you want to know more details on the extent of US involvement in this horrible human rights atrocity, visit this web site: http://www.nonviolence.org/slipperyslope/slip-b.htm
Other Relevant Information
1/18/96 San Andres Accords: Joint Proposals which the Federal Government and the EZLN
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EZLN Communique in Response to the Massacre in Chenalho
Complicity of Mexican Government
Fifth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle
Info on Chiapas and the EZLN
Emergency Delegation to Chiapas

Conflict in Chiapas: Understanding the Modern Mayan World
by Worth H. Weller, Ben Weller (Photographer), Julia Weller (Photographer)
$16.95, Paperback, March 1, 2000
Rebellion in Chiapas : An Historical Reader
by John Womack (Editor)
$14.36, Paperback , March 1999
Voices from Exile : Violence and Survival in Modern Maya History
by Victor Montejo
$18.17, Hardcover, October 1999
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