Document of Denunciation, May 20, 2000.
Teotihuacan del Valle Community, Chiapas. Municipality of Motozintla, Chiapas.

To All of Civil Society and To All Non-Governmental Bodies and To Relevant Officials

We are sending this denuncia because of the fact that, for a very long time, the paramilitaries, or Marciano Herna'ndez, and the judicial police, have been bothering us, in that we, as campesinos, who live in this community, above-mentioned, and who live here by right, because our grandparents and our parents were born here as well as us, we have worked the land. But now it so happens that a group, who say they are the owners, want to dislocate us, when we have spoken as friends with those who say they are the authorities, and they told us we were in the right, but they do not remove the judiciales from our community, who are here in order to oppress us and to help Marciano, because the judiciales themselves are cutting down our crops, with their weapons on their shoulders and using patrol cars to transport and to protect the paramilitaries, which is what Marciano Herna'ndez is. They are also bothering us by cutting off the water supply, destroying our plantings and threatening the women to not cut firewood. But now we are tired of all of this, because the authorities do not know and they do not carry out, they only deceive us, saying that we are in the right, but they do nothing to fix the problem, they send the judiciales, according to them in order to maintain order, but it is not so, because they sell out to the paramilitaries, or to Marciano Herna'ndez, and they do not let us cut our crops, and, according to what the authorities say, we are in the right, making us go round and round, while time passes and we are constantly suffering more. It is clear that we are not fighting for land, but just what is fair to survive. And what the government wants is for there to be a confrontation, because it is not doing anything in response to the problem, and it wants the paramilitaries to displace us, knowing that they themselves said we were in the right in all of this, as the authorities know very well. We are telling them that this is a time bomb which could explode at any moment. And the relevant authorities are held responsible for what is going on now, since we were threatened on April 5 that they were going to burn down our houses, and we do not accept that.

Ministry of Justice Assistant EZLN Support Bases
Tierra y Libertad Municipality
Carlos Pe'rez Pe'rez Municipal Agent Parai'so Col. Tierra y Libertad Municipality

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Voices from Exile : Violence and Survival in Modern Maya History
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