Marco Speaks About Attack in El Bosque

The Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee;
General Command of the Zapatista National Leberation Army [EZLN]

June 13, 2000.

To the People of Mexico and the Peoples and Governments of the World;

Brothers and Sisters :

With Regards to the Incident which took place in the Municipal District of El Bosque in which Seven [7] Public Security Officers were Killed;

The EZLN Declares :

FIRST : According to the Evidence, the Attack was carried out using Tactics typical of those used by Paramilitary Groups, Drug Traffickers and the Military. The Use of So-Called Execution Style Killings is Common with these Types of Armed Groups. This Attack was carried out in a zone saturated by Government Troops, [Army and Police] in which it would be very difficult to mobilize an Armed Group undetected, without the Compliance of the Authorities. The Attackers had Priveleged Information on the Movements and Number of the Ambushed Officers. Said Information could ONLY have been Obtained from Members of the Governemt or Those Associated with Them.

SECOND : The EZLN is Investigating this Incident in order to Discover the Identity and Motivations of the Attackers of this Group of Officers. At this Point, Everything Indicates that the Agressors were Government Forces [or Government Operatives] Acting in order to Form a Pretext for Increasing the Militarization of Chiapas; as well as Justifying Attacks on Zapatista Communities or the EZLN Directly. It is of note that this Incident reinforces a Climate of Uncertainty that the Official Candidate could use to Threaten the Stability of the Region should He not be Successful in the Election. [to be held July 2, 2000]

THIRD : Open Provocation or Not, this Violent Act is already Being Used as an Argument to Increase the Military Presence in the whole State of Chiapas, even in Zones distant from the Site of the Attack. During Last Few Hours the Military has Reinforced the Federal Barracks of Guadalupe Tepeyac de las Margaritas, Cuxulja [koo-shool-ha] in Ocosingo [near San Cristobal de las Casas], Caté in the Municipal Department of El Bosque and the Administrative Centers of Simojovel and El Bosque. The Military has also Increased the Number of Surveillance Overflights of Helicopter Gunships in the Mountains, Jungles and to the North.

FOURTH : The EZLN Denounces this Act, and Issues a Call for Public Opinion Worldwide so that this Deception will Not Stand. As soon as We have further Evidence in Our Hands, We will Publish the Same.




>From the Mountains of Southeast México

For the Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee; General Command of the Zapatista National Leberation Army; [EZLN]

Subcommander Marcos.

México, June 2000

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Voices from Exile : Violence and Survival in Modern Maya History
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