From Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro Polho

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <>

Translated by irlandesa

September 10, 2000.

Señores and Señoras

To the National and International Press

To Non-Governmental Organizations

To National and International Civil Society To Human Rights Organizations

We are denouncing the incidents which have taken place in different communities such as Yabteclum, Poconichim, Takicum, Polho and Acteal: the PGR, the State Judicial Police and Public Security have increased their presence, along with paramilitaries pointing out EZLN support bases as being responsible for actions which they have nothing to do with. Since September 2 they have been continuing to carry out work, detaining compa~eros, while the truly responsible ones are the paramilitaries from different communities. Our daily lives have grown worse, they are intimidating us with weapons every day.

We consider these incidents to be an action being carried out by the State government against our Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro Polho, along with the Constitutional President of Polho, Antonio Pe'rez Arias. It has been published in the media that the displaced are now able to return to their places of origin, under pretexts and with deceptions, in order to fall into their hands, because we see there is no tranquility nor peace nor freedom of movement in order to carry out our work in the coffee plantations of the displaced.

Today we are facing one more act which forms part of a long list of offenses and provocations which are putting our safety and, by times, even our lives, at risk.


Autonomous Municipal Council of Polho.

Bartolo Gutierrez Vazquez.

Sealed and signed.

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