Urgent Action

November 5, 2000

Translated by Project 169 and Estacion Libre

With respect to the recent detention of the 11 members of the paramilitary group "Paz y Justicia," the Non-Governmental Organizations that sign below demand the following:

1) The the National Prosecutor (PGR) continues with the proper investigations that would lead to the complete dismantling of "Paz y Justicia." This necessarily implies the that the remaining arrerst warrants be served to those "Paz y Justicia" members that are currently at large.

2) The the National Prosecutor investigate in minute detail the origin and destination points of all the money that Paz y Justicia has recieved.

3) That the National Prosecutor also investigate those public officials and authorities in the Chiapan State Government which for the last six years have protected and given total impunity to "Paz y Justicia."

4)?We call on the Prosecutors office and the Public Security forces to gaurantee the stability of the State of Chiapas in the face of likely acts of violence and retaliation that may be taken by "Paz y Justicia."

5)?We call on the Prosecutor's office to secure the safety of the witnesses from "El Parason" and those members of the Chiapas Community Defenders Network who have provided the evidence that was necessary in order to detain the leaders of "Paz y Justicia."

6)?We demand that the Federal Judiciary objectively review all of the cases which have been brought against "Paz y Justicia" so that those criminal cases will end with the rightful prosecution and sentencing of those responsible for these acts of destabilization and violence.

7)?We would like to reiterate that the detention of the members of "Paz y Justicia" constitutes only the first step in the search for justice by those who have been their victims. Justice can only be reached when those who are responsible for these crimes have been sentenced and their victims have been properly compensated.

We call on all of civil society and all human rights organizations around the world to join in our demands by calling and sending letters in this regard to the following:

Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas, Centro de Investigaciones Econumicas y Politicas para la Acciun Comunitaria, Comisiun Mexicana de Defensa y Promociun de los Derechos Humanos, Coordinadoras Regionales de Contacto de Chiapas Zonas; Altos, Norte-Selva, Costa, Marqués de Comillas, Centro, Fronteriza y Frontera Talana, Enlace Civil, Junax, Kinal Antzetik A.C., Red De Defensores Comunitarios Por Los Derechos Humanos A.C.,

"In Our Own Defense"

The Chiapas Community Defenders Network

Calle Tapachula No. 25, Barrio El Cerrillo San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico Tel/Fax: (52)96760537

Email: reddedefensores@dojo.tao.ca

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