Prior to the advances made in deciphering the glyphic writings of the Ancient Maya civilizations, very little was known about this mysterious civilization. Adventurers who visited the little-known villages of the Maya people in the early twentieth century, colored their accounts with language that is blatantly prejudiced; seeing all indigenous peoples as dimwitted savages. This combination of ignorance and bias encouraged the proliferation of imaginative and inaccurate speculations about the Maya.

With what we have learned about the Maya through the careful study of their own writings and archaeological evidence, and a respectful observation of the culture of the descendants of the ancient Maya, there is no longer any excuse for some of the misinformation that people, too lazy to seek the truth, continue to spread.

I have enjoyed receiving hundreds of e-mails from visitors to this site and people who have read my book. As time has permitted, I have taken the time to respond to their questions with thoughtfulness and humility, since my knowledge does not come from a formal academic education. I have collected here for you some of my responses to questions I am most frequently asked. Please understand that these are simply my ideas and opinions – they are not necessarily correct. I welcome intelligent and thoughtful rebuttal by e-mail to

Does the Maya calendar predict the end of the world?

My comments on "Celestine Prophecy"

Ideas concerning the cause of the collapse of the Classic Maya civilization

Were the Winners or the Losers of the Maya Ballgame Sacrified?

What Part Did Agricultural Practices Play in the Growth and Collapse of the Ancient Maya Civilization?

It has been my good fortune to enjoy many enlightened email discussions with people from around the world who share my interest in the Maya. Kermit Frazier, who lives with the Kiche Maya in Momostenango, is one such individual whom I know only by email, but relish his letters that are always peppered with a wry wit and a way of looking at situations from many angles. With his permission, I have posted his observations about a book called "The Mayan Factor". I found Kermit's insight thoughtful and wise and share it with you here:
K. Frazier's commentary on the Mayan Factor.

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