Here are the historical equivalents for the places described in Place of Mirrors.

Jaguar Sun is, obviously, the site of Palenque. Compare the map above with the map on the Palenque page.

The Temple of Chac Xib Chac is known today as Temple Olvidado and was Pacal's first temple.

The Temple of Yum Kaxx is in the section called Group IV. I chose this for the temple to the god of maize because of its close proximity to the northern plains that I would assume was where most farming was going on.

Tenab would have been a cave where the Temple of the Inscriptions is now located. You will noice that the temple is built into the limestone mountain. I have made the assumption that this area was sacred because of an ancestral cave and that Pakal chose this point to entomb his own remains because this was where his ancestors were buried.

In "Place of Mirrors" I refer to the Palace as the Administration Plaza because I believe that it was a government building and not a residence.

The Temple of IK is what is now called the Temple of the Count.

Toctan would have been a shrine located near where the Temple of the Foliated Cross is now.

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