Place of Mirrors
by Jeeni Criscenzo

Jeeni Criscenzo del Rio is an accomplished freelance writer, illustrator and designer. Her articles and essays have appeared in numerous publications. As a teenager, working after school running a mimeograph machine, printer's ink "got in her blood" and her love affair with the printed word has burned intensely ever since. Though varied, her career path has always been influenced by the potential for sharing her ideas through print.
Beginning as a technical illustrator, she went on to study advertising and marketing and landed a position at Linotype in 1984 as marketing communications manager. She was part of the visionary team that introduced the first digital imagesetter - a device that allowed a personal computer to set type—thus ushering in the desktop revolution, perhaps the greatest innovation in spreading ideas since the invention of the printing press...until now.
Again, Jeeni was at the forefront of a communication revolution, creating Web sites, sharing her ideas with newsgroups, and continuing her research on her favorite subject, the ancient Maya civilization, via the Internet.
Place of Mirrors is Jeeni's first published novel. In 2004 she traveled the country in an RV, writing a daily blog, CPR4Democracy, about the anti-war movement, the 2004 presidential election and people who would become leaders in the progressive movement. In 2006 she ran for Congress as the Democratic candidate in California's 49th CD.

Today, Jeeni Criscenzo del Rio lives in California and is dedicated to educating and organizing communities to live in a more cooperative, sustainable way. Learn more at


Place of Mirrors
by Jeeni Criscenzo
$21.95, Hardcover, July 1996
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