Kermit Frazier's Commentary on The Mayan Factor

In 1987, Dr. Jose Argüelles published a profoundly exciting and immensely popular book entitled Mayan Factor - Path Beyond Technology. This book has captured the imaginations of thousands worldwide and has given the Maya culture a new mystique.

Unfortunately, this book was not well researched and as a result, is not based on Maya calendrics as they existed either during the classic period or at present. Dr. Argüelles has used the aura of credibility lent by a Ph.D. in art history to make himself appear a knowledgeable anthropologist.

As a result, there has arisen what is known on the internet as "the true count debate" which has over time turned into a carnival of confusion. For the record, the Yukatec Maya calendar count is two days different from that used by the Kiche Maya calendar count.

I would imagine that what confuses most people about this difference is the common image that the Maya had a unified mass culture such as exists in the first world today.

They did not.

At the height of their civilization, the Maya 'state' consisted of at least 50 independent and/or allied city states, much like Italy or Germany until the last century. Art styles were highly developed and regionalized, even though there is a dynamic coherency that speaks to us whenever we see Maya art. The core of this dynamic is what is known today as the Maya Cosmovision.

At present, the Maya speak over 30 distinct dialects, some of which are related and similar, others mutually unintelligible. One such dialect, Zoque Maya, is believed to have been the language spoken by the so-called 'Olmec', who founded the ancestral culture of Mesoamerica in all of its variations. The fact that the majority of Maya today still use traditional clothing points out deeper ties to their heritage than most first world denizens would expect of 'Poor Indians'.

To his credit, Dr. Argüelles believed that the Maya possess a special spiritual connection linking the human soul with the energies of the cosmos: in this he is correct. But because he failed to contact the Maya religious hierarchy as it exists today throughout the Maya region of Yukatan, Chiapas and Guatemala, he was left with only his imagination.

That the reality of the Maya is much more powerful than Dr. Argüelles could have ever imagined, Mayan Factor falls flat on its face.

Mayan Pleiadian Cosmolsgy

Following the lead of her mentor and Mt. Shasta neighbor, Dr. Jose Argüelles; Ms. Aluna Joy has produced a spin off of Mayan Factor in her book, Mayan Pleiadian Cosmology. Lacking even the credibility of a college degree to add to her name, she instead has fallen back on the device common to all fanatic cults, that of the insider voice. Correctly assuming that only those who truly believe will purchase and read her book, she concentrates on pampering the delicate egos of her clientele.

Ms. Joy has researched her material even less than Dr. Argüelles, since it appears that contrary to her claim to have been 'initiated' by numerous [and unnamed] Maya priests; she cannot speak Spanish. That at least a basic grasp of conversational Spanish is required to learn at the feet of these highly esteemed and learned masters of the Maya calendar, is a given.

Her claim to be a fully intiated Aj Kij or Day Keeper is highly offensive to the priesthood, since she has never completed the requisite 260 day period of service known as Aj Patan.

But, seriously folks, before anyone begins this period of community service, they must have been diagnosed by an elder as having been born on a propitious day as well as other criteria best left secret, since once published, there will surely arise a new wannabe movement in imitation.

Whatever the name and eventual manifestation of the new direction being taken by former members of the new age, they must be willing to sacrifice personal comforts in order to access accurate information, even if it is only a representative handful of authors or 'life reporters' who undertake the arduous task of properly researching this cultural and religious material for the benefit of world peace and prosperity.

Wannabe armchair gurus are inappropriate [and ineffective] during this period of world forming change. Only those peaceful warriors intent upon balancing a full sense of their personal energy will be able to dominate the inherent violence of this legacy of mud and stone from billions of years of competitive development. To create a dance of balance that coming generations must learn from us if humanity is to survive as a civilization.

Kermit Fraizer

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