The Western Section

 Above is the western section of Palenque. Visitors don't usually see this section and it remains mostly unrestored. Of note is "H" which is the Temple Olvidado, Pacal's first construction built sevveral years after his mother's death.

The Eastern Section

Here is a plan of the eastern half of Palenque, the area most visitors see is the large section in white on either side of the Otolum River.The green wavy lines on the bottom are hills and the green wavy lines across the upper section are an escarpment leading down to the northern plains.

A. Palace
B. Temple of the Inscriptions
C. Temple of the Cross
D. Temple of the Sun
E. Temple of the Foliated Cross
F. Temple of the Count
G. Northern Group
J. Temple of the Jaguar
K. Ball Court

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