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“Finished and loved it! Doing a historical novel set at a point in time among a civilization we know so little about is as tough as it gets for a writer. I was extremely intrigued by the many aspects of daily life among the Maya you wove into the story. In spite of their royalty your characters became people with life’s everyday problems: jealousies, joys, hangups, heartaches and frustrations.”
— David Chapman

“I was so fascinated and amazed by the picturesque descriptions and attention to tiny details that I couldn’t skip even one sentence. Congratulations for writing such a fascinating and time-worthy book.” — Soma Vira, Ph.D.

“I really like Christina Rossi and her daughter Kit. I thought the characters were very real, very honestly portrayed. I was there with you… — Sylvie Scheble

“I am thoroughly enjoying your book. It has gripped me and I am recommending it to all my friends. — Thalia Christo

“It’s a fascinating story, well written and rivetingly told. Both the modern and ancient characters are interesting, and the major ones are well-developed. I plowed through it in a weekend and dreamed about it a couple of times.” — Shel Horowitz

“It’s a wonderful story… a good erotic sense which draws the reader into the story quickly. I read almost no fiction, so take my remarks as a big compliment.” —Linda Donelson

“What a masterful job…it's a fun read. The scholarship is impressive.” — Leila Zogby

“If you read no other author this decade, you must read Jeeni Criscenzo" —Anthony Michael

"I loved the book and my wife couldn't understand why I would read it twice. I have been interested and studying the Maya civilization for many years, and your book certainky added heart to the mind. In many ways, I have to compare the essence of the story, however, to Milton's Afam and Eve in Paradise Lost; and Samson and Dalila. I guess it;s that magical power of women that is able to change the course of history." —Cliff

"Place of Mirrors" was quite entertaining. The plot exposition demontrated to me you know Maya culture quite intimately. You've done great research." —Karrie Porter Brace

"What a wonderful chronicle of Mayan life "Place of Mirrors" is. I spent one night in that little motel at the Palenque site - your book took me right back there. Your book has brathed life into all those Maya tomes that I have read since I forst went to Yucatan in the 60's. I enjoyed your quest and your twist on past-life regression/reincarnation." — Walt Bowker

"I just finished your book and I am very impressed. I've spent twenty-eight years visiting different ruin sites and studying Dr. Schele's work at the University of Texas workshops. I have been to all the cities and sites described in the novel and enjoyed stepping through therm again via your experiences. You've done an excellent job bringing the collected and current knowledge down to a human level. Kudos! I, and I suspect many others, would love for you to do another book." — Jim Pearson

"What I thought was especially strong about "Place of Mirrors" was the extraordinary amount of precise and vivid detail you used to describe Hanab Pacal's daily life. You brought that long-ago time to life in a very powerful way. I don't know if all the detail came from your reincarnational memories, or from your writer's imagination, but for me as a reader the effect is the same--it puts me right there with Hanab and Ahpo-Hel and Kan and Koh." —Ralph Davis

"I received your book in the mail last Wednesday. Once I started reading it it imediately became a book 'I couldn't put down'. Considering that I haven't read a novel in years (although an avid reader of non-fiction). I was surprised at this 'drag me through the pages effect' that it had. Really a truly excellent and enjoyable read and insightful introduction into the spirit of the ancient Maya." –Lawrence Hearn

Place of Mirrors
by Jeeni Criscenzo
$21.95, Hardcover, July 1996
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