"The blaze of color of their clothing was almost overwhelming, there was so much of it in one place"
--Bonnie Meyer.

Here are some photos taken by Bonnie Meyer while traveling through the Guatemala highlands in 1995. They are wonderful examples of the weaving created by Maya women in much the same way their ancestors did a thousand years ago, on backstrap looms like the one shown here.


Here's a link to more information about weaving in Chiapas: Clothing, Regalia, Textiles from the Chiapas Highlands of Mexico

The Maya Textile Tradition
by Jeffrey J. Foxx, Margot Blum Schevill (Editor), Linda asturias Barrios, Linda Asturias De Barrios, Robert S. Carlsen
$34.65, Hardcover - 232 , April 1997
Living Maya
by Walter F., Jr. Morris, Jeffrey Jay Foxx (Photographer)
$19.96, Paperback, May 2000
Threads of Identity: Maya Costume of the 1960s in Highland Guatemala
by Patricia Altman, Caroline West
$27.00, Paperback, July 1992
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